blood donation benifits

Donating blood to someone is the key to a healthy life for someone else. Each year, blood donation day is celebrated that marks are rejoicing the life of someone you helped. People need a blood transfusion to in case of accidents, leukemia and more.

What are the benefits of blood donation?

Although your blood donation may give someone else life, there are other benefits too which are helpful for you. Some of the prominent benefits of blood donation include the following

•Blood donation is very healthy for the liver since it helps to maintain the iron level in the body. The decrease in iron levels helps to ensure that there are no liver and cardiovascular problems.

•It is noted that donating blood can help to burn 600 calories. Therefore, you get to see a significant reduction in your weight without any rigorous activity.

•Blood donation indicates loss of blood from the body. However, the lost amount of blood is restored within 24-48 hours. The newly generated blood level helps to boost up the energy level of the individual.

What are the criteria for blood donation?

Some of the criteria of blood donation include the following:

•The person should be healthy and not prone to any transmittable disease.
•The weight of the person must be between 50-160kg.
•The age of the person must be between 17-66 years.
•The body temperature of the person must be normal and not exceed 37.5.

As per rules, men are supposed to donate blood donate once in three months, while women are supposed to do the same once in every four months.

What are the blood donation disqualifications?

There are certain blood donation disqualifications, which should be abided to ensure better health. Some of the individuals who are considered to be ineligible for donating blood include

•Breastfeeding and pregnant women
HIV positive individual
•People prone to allergic health issues
•An alcoholic person who has consumed alcohol in the past 24 months
•Individual who has received a Hepatitis B or Rabies vaccination.

It is essential to abide by the rules and regulations of blood donation because one small mistake of yours can prove fatal for you as well as the recipient.