A lot of people rely on blood donations to stay alive. And this is especially true for those who have recently experienced sickness or injuries as these conditions can immediately cause the blood levels to drop significantly. And without enough blood, the patient won’t have enough oxygen in their body, which will eventually lead to death.

Did you a person who is a victim of a vehicular accident will need as much as 47 liters of blood? That’s why it’s essential for us to donate blood as it can help save the lives of others and help your body at the same time.

Learn more as we are going to share the surprising benefits of blood donation in today’s health guide.

Identify Any Adverse Health Conditions

Before donating blood, the donor will usually undergo a simple physical examination and blood test to determine their blood type and if they are fit to donate blood to others.

The test is helpful as it helps identify any unknown health issues that the donor is having such as low blood count and abnormality in their blood pressure.

This also helps determine if the person has a blood-borne disease (hepatitis B, C, or HIV) so he/she will not proceed through the blood extraction.

Reduce Iron Overload

Unbeknownst to many, there is this condition called “Hemochromatosis”. And it is a serious condition wherein the body absorbs too much iron because of the overabundance of iron in the blood.

Hemochromatosis can be prevented through blood donation because it reduces extra iron in the body so it won’t build-up in your heart or liver and causes these organs to malfunction.

Replenish Blood Cells

This entry on this list of a surprising blood donation facts may seem awkward, but allow us to explain this further.

When you choose to donate blood, your body’s natural tendency is to overcompensate by producing new blood cells as replacement of those blood cells that you’ve given. And the reason for this is that your bone marrow will detect that your oxygen levels in the blood are getting lower.

And once, low oxygen is detected, your body will then pump up a new generation of blood cells to your bone marrow as a replacement for those the batch of blood cells that you’ve donated.

Prevents Heart Attacks

Donating blood is actually good for the heart. In fact, studies have shown that individuals who have donated blood are 88% more protected from heart attacks than those who donate blood regularly due to the reduction of iron as stated above – which results in better blood flow and less strain on the blood vessels.

Lower The Risk Cancer

And last on surprising benefits of blood donation is probably a longshot, but it’s actually true.

According to an article published in JNCI, researchers have determined that certain types of cancers that are associated with high levels of iron in the body such as liver and colon cancer can be prevented if you donate blood regularly.

And this goes to show that donating blood does lead you away to the risk of having cancer along with a healthy lifestyle and a good diet.